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Rance goes adventuring with his slave girl, Sill, and his pet, Athena 2.0, in order to recoup all the money he’s blown!

Apathy – Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~ is comprised of three stories. Avoid the school’s Murder Club, a Legendary Hound, and the Scratches on the Pillar in this collection.

(No FuwaReview, yet) Comments Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Consisting of two parts, this game will walk you from the lazy beginnings of Shirogane Takeru to the beginning of the world’s end. Buckle in.

Seiichi attends Kashinomori Academy, a famed school which trains students in preparation for another attack by the Kotona. It is there his latent power awakens.

After Akira Yamanabe gets possessed by an evil spirit, his only hope for deliverance lies in the graces of two shrine maidens.

Hideaki returns to his hometown and makes his way through fragmented memories and familiar faces alike.

An interesting take on the Prince and the Pauper idea of the body-switch. Follow Fujishima’s journey as he tries to switch lives with his look-alike, and survive the inevitable shenanigans which follow.

A story about a playwright, highly-advanced dolls, “tuners”, and the stability of the “three kingdoms.”

Do you even need details for this? It’s a Sono Hana game, for goodness’ sake. Girl 1 = Reo; Girl 2 = Mai. A yuri rom-com ensues. It’s a Sono Hana game.

The fourth Sono Hana game. And yes, it’s as you’d expect: Kaede is interested in Sara. A comedy yuri-romance ensues. It’s a Sono Hana game.

The fandisk of Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. It contains epilogues for the original game’s heroines, Houzuki’s chapter, and a hidden omake.

You know the drill. Sawaguchi Mai is interested in a classmate, Kawamura Reo. It’s a comedy/drama/yuri romance. It’s a Sono Hana game.

The ultimate competition between classical string instrument players is equal parts the ultimate dream, and nightmare.

Another Sono Hana game. In this one a class rep gets hot and heavy for her cousin. It’s a Sono Hana game.

Pulled into Wonderland and facing the odd dangers that lurk there, Outa must rescue his childhood friend Arisu before the worst befalls her. In the process, he must face the worst of Lewis Carroll.

Crash-landing in the mountains in the midst of a snowstorm. An awakening realization that someone is out to kill you. Supernatural body-switching. This is the stuff of a great story.

The appearance of the “hellhole” and the giant crystal onyxes have infused the world with equal parts chaos and paranormal powers. Cue a hero.

Narcissu is a thought provoking visual novel series about terminal illness, living, dying, and the relationship between those leaving and those left behind.

A comedy yuri nukige about… you guessed it… a high school freshmen and a senior student she’s got her eye on.

In a dystopian society centered around criminal “obligations”, Morita Kenichi strives for power. Read on to discover his secret motivations, and the beautiful land of the sunflower.

Picking up after Rance 6, this game is set in the 4th Warring States period. The world is divided, but worse: an ancient evil is soon to be awakened.

Join Souta and the seven girls who are part of a technical school in Japan training to become professional voice actors and actresses.

It’s been seven years since Yuuichi Aizawa has been to this town, and he cannot recall many memories of his life here. That begins to change, however, when he meets a girl named Ayu.

As disaster falls upon the Ushiromiya family at a family reunion, all begin to fear for their lives. You must seek out the whole truth: what really happened on Rokkenjima that night?

This is the story of the oracle Riannon, her brother Arthur, and the war which follows the release of the sealed-Demon King Arawn.

Finding a stray “anthropoid dog” collapsed in the rain is only the beginning. Despite telling the dog she can only stay until the rain ends, the story is only getting started.

Found and rescued by an apprentice physician, you have no memories of who you are. What’s more: you are wearing a mask which you cannot remove, and war is quickly coming for you.

Kouhei Orihara expects change, and goes to great lengths to delay it by living deep within his mind. This is the story of the Eternal World, of change, and the relationships which make sense of it all.

This VN is best summed up as “Tsukihime meets ‘Groundhog Day’ “. What could *possibly* go wrong?

Shiki has a frightening and remarkable power. Its meaning, its origin, and its potential are bound in equal measure to his past and his future.

Makoto and his younger sister Hinata are returning to Kazune City. Haunted by a memory and the sounds of a harmonica, they must look forward to rediscover the past.

Surviving the accident was only the beginning of Sakisaka’s nightmare. The appearance of the girl Saya — was it a godsend, or was it the beginning of an infectious madness?

A deadly battle of wits is about to dominate the world of Azai Kyouske. The only question is whether the devil, Maou, will kill you before Usami Haru can discover the truth.

Kamikura Hiroki wants to be an art teacher. Juggling his career aspirations with caring for his cousin, Elis, isn’t easy, however, nor is balancing responsibility with conflict at school.

After a failed summer vacation with other members of the school’s broadcasting club, Kurosu Taichi and some of the other club members return to the city, only to find that the world had completely changed.

When Takumi — a high school student who isn’t interested in the “3D” world — is mysteriously tipped off on the next in a line of serial murders, his life is forever changed.

The one who obtains the Holy Grail will have any wish come true. To obtain it, however, one must survive the Holy Grail War: the ultimate trial of a magic.

We are trapped deep underwater in what was meant to be a theme park. In less than 120 hours we will likely be dead. The mysteries of LeMU hold the secrets to our survival.