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There are hard working Imoutos to feed!

Running one of the leading Visual Novel dedicated news and reviews outlets on the web and a huge English fan community isn’t always cheap. There are server, domain and other hosting related costs, regular costs for various software licenses and of course we try to revenue our hard writing writers in some way and give them something back for what they do for Fuwanovel. Because of this, we’re really happy for any financial support from our readers and community members. That’s why we have set up some services which you can use if you want to support us:


Patreon is the most common and well-known donation service on the web, used by many creators, influencers and websites and its the best solution if you want to support us on a regular basis. You can choose between 3 subscription plans which cost around 3$, 6$ and 12$/month. In exchange for the subscription, you’ll get some perks/benefits like access to special content, some influence on what will be reviewed next on Fuwa, special supporter roles for Discord/the Forums, or even the official Fuwanovel mug. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Ko-Fi is a straightforward and easy to use donation service, used by many blogs and websites. Its perfect if you just want to support us once or irregularly. Unlike the better known Patreon, you can freely choose when and with how much you want to support us, but in most cases, you won’t get any perks/benefits in exchange for your donations. But we also offer perk-based, Patreon-like subscription plans if you want to support us on Ko-Fi on a regular basis.

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We are in the 2020s and there is an huge hype about crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Because of this hype, and because we think that some people might prefer a more discrete and direct way to support us, we also accept donations in these currencies.

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