Review: KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! — The series tries a new outfit!

Join Kazuma and the gang for another fun adventure in KONOSUBA - God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire!

Review: Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk – Reborn to Reproduce!

What would you if you were given the ability to magically create items?

Review: Tenioha! feat. Mami—Becoming your Coworker’s Pet!

A slightly kinkier workplace romance? Sign me up!

Sona-Nyl Featured Image
Review: Destiny Star Girlfriend — Love Within Proximity

Destiny Star Girlfriend is a fantasy romcom about being bound to the school's cutest girl after a twist of fate makes you inseparable!

Review: Muv-Luv Teito Moyu—Through the Fire and the Flames

Teito Moyu is a strong prequel to Total Eclipse, with amazing characterization and lore contributions. But unfortunately, the Steam release is marred by various technical issues.

Review: Criminal Border: 1st Offence —Where Crime Turns to Dark Comedy

If you accidentally invented a digital libido-enhancing drug, what choices would you make? Ikky-kun's fate sets him on a risky yet life-altering path.

The Shell Part 1: Inferno | Header
Review: The Shell Part I: Inferno—Girl in a Shiny New Shell

Annie reviewed The Shell Part I in a more essayist style, it's a remake of the original Kara no Shoujo by Innocent Grey, localized by Shiravune.

Analysis: Suck My Dick or Die!—Bad Title, Worse Game

Oh yeah, if you thought Annie was harsh on Sakura Beach, you've seen nothing yet. Here's another taste of her wrath, a rant about Liquid & MangaGamer's "Suck my Dick…

Review: My Klutzy Cupid — A Death Note… of Love?!

A cute adventure with the cupid herself: a childhood friend, the popular beauty, your teacher, your step-little sister... or maybe an angel?!