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Review: Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk – Reborn to Reproduce!

You know how in isekai anime they just love teasing you with fanservice but never go all the way?

Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk takes the exact opposite approach: no teasing and just full-on sexual activities in a fantasy world!

This is a 2023 release from the Zoo Corporation brand Miel that was translated and released in late November by Cherry Kiss Games.

Manwhore Merchant revolves around a guy (named by default as “Protag-kun”) dying and being reborn into another world with the ability to magically create any items. Being a Miel game, of course the protagonist uses this ability to sexually satisfy himself and whatever other smoking hot babes are walking around.

Unlike some Miel titles, this VN doesn’t focus on one sole character like the previously covered Hypno Mama and instead follows an approach more akin to Harem King.

As is usual with Miel games, the women are very hot and designed with the sole purpose of being erotic. The art is done by Ishii Akira and it shows the best parts in erotic art. There’s also a plethora of sexual scenarios that feature watersports (assuming you don’t turn off the “pee setting” in the menu.)

There are some choices in the game that can change the H-scenes you end up seeing and do actually add a little bit of replay value, which is always appreciated in lowbrow nukige.

That being said, I don’t quite think these features make the game all too interesting. It still suffers from the all-too-common problem Miel games seem to suffer from: lack of character development and world-building.

Compared to something like Tenioha!, there just isn’t enough content or interesting things to keep the reader engaged and invested beyond the admittedly hot H-scenes. You can argue that “well, it’s a nukige, so it doesn’t really matter”—which, fair—but other companies clearly can and do balance a decent story with hot H-scenes. Why can’t Miel do the same, after so many games?

Regardless, if you enjoy fantasy worlds, voluptuous women of different fantasy races, and are into breeding, this is definitely the game for you!

You can get the game on Steam for $11.99!

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