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Review: Tenioha! feat. Mami—Becoming your Coworker’s Pet!

In today’s society men are encouraged to be emasculated….

At least that’s what some people say. Personally, I accept it and think they should encourage it because of games like Tenioha! feat. Mami, a 2022 rootnuko+H game localized by the well-known publisher Shiravune back in October 2023.

This game, despite being part of the popular Tenioha! series, does not require you to play any of the other entries in the series as it features its own unique dominatrix story. The game also won a Moe Game Award for its insanely detailed level of eroticism and stunning artwork and musical direction to boot.

Tenioha! feat. Mami features some of the most literarily satiating prose courtesy of one of the directors and the sole scenarist Hachimitsukun. The absolutely stunning art featuring deliciously illustrated foot cheese, armpit folds and sweat, mouths full of saliva, and even.. farts.. was done by Rootnuko’s most prolific artist, Amakura.

The story of Tenioha! feat. Mami revolves around the sexually frustrated virgin office worker (and professional bottom) who you can name and his blossoming and slowly blooming erotically depraved relationship with his dominatrix coworker named Mami.

While the game is a nukige and sex scenes are indeed the main focus of the product, I must applaud the game for making the two characters actually feel like characters. There are a ton of nukige that use characters more as an excuse for hot sprites as opposed to giving them any sort of plot relevancy or character depth. While I may be in the minority, I actually find scenes far hotter when I’m invested in the characters.

Apart from the already mentioned stunning artwork (most exemplified in the erotic CGs I sadly cannot show here), one of the other good parts happens to be the music. It really is the definitive example of good visual novel music; erotic scenes use saxophones and happy-go-lucky scenes use wild synths. The composition group Solfa absolutely outdid themselves and it makes every scene feel even more full than it already was.

Unfortunately, if you don’t like being dominated by strong women you probably won’t get much out of this game. Though, despite the limited focus of the content, you can tailor the experience to your own by messing with the cumshot settings, ahegao filter settings, suck-face filter settings, and you can even disable the “cum countdown” that so many nukige use these days.

Of course, me personally I really like dominant women, so my opinion of this visual novel is positively skewed in favour of it. I only mention the above part because I am aware that for many that would make or break the experience.

The game is of optimal length making it feel both as if it hits most caveats that it should whilst also not overstaying its welcome, which is greatly appreciated for a lowbrow nukige.

Tenioha! feat. Mami oozes with passion from pretty much every corner, even featuring two separate endings! For its low price of $16.99 USD I’d definitely say the game is worth the price assuming you fit into the specific group the game targets.

I think I might honestly try out more Rootnuko games after how much I ended up enjoying this!

You can buy the game on Steam and download the 18+ patch on Johren!

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