Ready for a Yuri Adventure? — Sakura Isekai Adventure on Steam

This is a world full of fluffy nekomimi, so hop on!

This Demon Needs some Lovin’! — Love in a Bottle’s Demo Out Now

Hot non-human women, yuri romance, and some optional spice! What more could you ask for?

Find your way out! — Anamnesia: Part 1 Out Now!

Are you a fan of Zero Escape? Try this new death game for free!

The final girl arrives! — LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 3 OUT NOW

Toffer Team is back with their final main title for the Lewd Idol Project series!

A Story Over 12 Days — Shanghai Summer OUT NOW

Astrolabe Games debuts on the visual novel sphere with Shanghai Summer, a drama mystery set over 12 days.

Departed Away 7
Pixel Art and Horror in One Package — Departed Away is now available on Steam

Horror visual novel Departed Away by Turkish indie dev Alperen Torun is now available to purchase on Steam at a 15% discount!

EVN List
The Fuwanovel EVN List: January 2024 Releases

The Fuwanovel EVN List makes its debut with the January 2024 version! What titles from this month's batch caught your interest?

Being Gay in Space!—The Symbiant Re:Union out Today!

The fandisc will average 3 hours of playtime and full English voice over. You can buy it now on Steam for $13.49!

Perpetually visited by Succubi—Winged Cloud’s Sakura Succubus 8 now out!

The successful series of continuous Sakura Succubus titles is back for the eighth time. How many are going to follow?