Review: True Colours—What Lies Beneath the Facade

True Colours (British English spelling of Colors) is a romance visual novel with psychological-horror elements released by indie developer Borealis, who previously released Venus: Improbable Dream in 2021. It features…

Looking for Mobile Otome?—Lovebrush Chronicles now Released

Lovebrush Chronicles is a visual novel with gacha mechanics and some light combat involved. It's free to play, with micro-transactions.

SEKAI/SUBETE Remake and Translation is now out on DLsite!

Sekai no Subete, developed by Tama-soft, was originally released on March 26th, 2002 in Japan. It also received many ports thanks to the work of Regista. Now there's a remake…

Somnova Studios’ Missing Stars Act 1 Demo Hits Steam & Itch!

Missing Stars from Somnova Studios has been in development since 2012, starting out as a Katawa Shoujo-inspired visual novel, but revolving around mental disorders.

Using CastingCallClub to recruit for VN projects & Interview with Buford T.

Let's check CastingCallClub, a website to recruit creative skills from all over the internet—mostly focusing on voice acting, but willing to branch out!

True Colours NOW AVAILABLE on Steam and Itchio

Find love at your new job! Don't come to regret it...

A Dive into the Ethics of AI in VN development

Introduction Despite still being in its infancy, Machine Learning models of AI have demonstrated that it is humanity’s next big innovation. The use of AI for translation and asset development…

Norn9: Last Era Releases in English TODAY!

A long-awaited fandisc for Norn9!

Untold Atlas by Nochi Studios Available now!

Released on August 18th, 2023, Untold Atlas is a VN about explorer Riya Cross who, along with her crew, set out on an expedition of Aethra, a mysterious island housing…