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Ready for a Yuri Adventure? — Sakura Isekai Adventure on Steam

Winged Cloud just announced their latest release, Sakura Isekai Adventure. This is a wholesome yuri adventure set in a fantasy isekai world. There was no information stating there being an R18 patch, but it’s possible you’ll find it on their Patreon soon.

Sakura Isekai Adventure is available on Steam for $9.99. It’s currently at 20% off as an introductory offer.


Meet the Cast

Aki is the unwilling heroine of our tale. She’s quiet and soft-spoken, and she finds it hard to assert herself. Bullied by her co-workers and criticized by her parents for her lack of ambition, Aki struggles to see herself as a warrior.

Contrary to her demure appearance, however, Aki is handy with a sword, being a kendo champion in her teenage years. It’s been a long time since she last wielded a blade, however, and Aki isn’t too confident about her abilities.

Can she really pull this off?

Mina is a highly talented mage, and she’s the catalyst behind this tale.

Mina might be a prodigy, but she’s proud and haughty alongside it. She’s aware of her own strengths and she doesn’t try to downplay them. As a result, she can come across as being arrogant.

Mina is cold and aloof to most people, but she absolutely adores Luna. She’s determined to find Luna again, no matter how long it takes, and she doesn’t care who she drags along with her.

Scarlet is the third addition to Mina’s party, and she she has no shortage of energy. She’s a perpetually cheerful foxgirl who fancies herself as a brave knight, who was kicked out of her former party for being a little too enthusiastic while fighting monsters.

Scarlet is a fierce fighter who’s an asset to have on the battlefield…

When she isn’t scuppering well-laid plans by charging in like a lunatic, that is.

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