Gifts for loyal backers! — NekoNyan is compensating backers of Sol Press’ Irotoridori no Sekai Kickstarter

Are you a backer of Sol Press' Irotoridori no Sekai Kickstarter? If you are, good news! Nekonyan's providing you free Steam keys for the game!

DDLC+ Free on EGS — Here’s What It Offers

"I would call DDLC Plus a love letter to the game's massive community and dedicated fans."

Japanese Adult Game Platform DLsite is Now Blocking Germany

On November 2, 2023, DLsite started blocking users from Germany. German users who attempted to access DLsite encountered a “403 ERROR: The request could not be satisfied” message. A few…

Using CastingCallClub to recruit for VN projects & Interview with Buford T.

Let's check CastingCallClub, a website to recruit creative skills from all over the internet—mostly focusing on voice acting, but willing to branch out!

Production Kawaii VTuber Nene Amano finishes her Umineko When They Cry Journey

Today, on the 24th October 2023, the VTuber, Gamer and ASMR Content Creator Nene Amano has closed out her fully live recorded playthrough of 07th Expansion’s Umineko no Naku Koro…

Banner of Tsukihime web version
The Definitive Version of the Doujin Classic? – Tsukihime Web Port released

French TYPE-MOON fans requinDr and loicfrance have released a port of the company’s debut Visual Novel Tsukihime you can play in your web browser. Fate/stay night has previously seen a…

Aquapolis of Sins banner
Aquapolis of Sins Manages to Make Kickstarter Goal on the Final Day

The indie development group Cascade of Leaves (LeafCascade) started a Kickstarter for their fourth visual novel Aquapolis of Sins on 29th of August 2023. Their Kickstarter project only sought to…

Steins;Gate 15th anniversary banner
STEINS;GATE 15th anniversary website launched

On September 15th MAGES. Inc. launched a website celebrating the upcoming 15th anniversary of STEINS;GATE. The title initially released on October 15th 2009 for Xbox 360. With the 15th anniversary…

Shiravune, now on new storefronts! (Compilation)

A new and exciting announcement!

An Umineko… Play?! — Stage of the Golden Witch, now in English!

Welcome one and all, to the delectable news that I can bring to any English-speaking 07th Expansion fan. The live-action Umineko: Stage of the golden witch, has been fantranslated! I’d…