Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion reveals more information!

This new entry seems to depict a modern setting with the theme of livestreaming and, of course, a curse.

A Blue Bird of Mystery — Aoi Tori coming to Steam

This isn't a new announcement, but it's one many are awaiting!

A Summer Romance in the Countryside — Amanatsu Perfect Edition announced!

Three girls in the countryside! What love story will await you?

A Religious Horror Story — HAPPY SAIN† SHEOL coming to Steam

The game is releasing on Steam later this year and currently has a demo available!

Your favorite Kemonomimi Girls are back! — Amairo Chocolate now on Switch

Switch players, good news! Get ready for the Switch release of Amairo Chocolate, releasing on March 28th!

SINce Memories to Release in English!

After 25 years, the Memories Off franchise is finally receiving an English localization!

Paradise turns deadly! — Paradise by JAST available for Pre-Order NOW!

Follow a group of men who go on holiday on a deserted island. When things begin to go wrong, they realize to their horror that they are stranded. Turns out…

A Winter Love Story — Mashiroiro Symphony HD + Sana Edition by Shiravune!

Both games are expected to release around Spring!

Hentai + Reality = Real Hentai Situation! 2 is announced by Shiravune!

When chronic daydreamer Tooru’sdastardly diary is discovered, classmates old and new won’t give him a moment’s peace!