Paradise turns deadly! — Paradise by JAST available for Pre-Order NOW!

Follow a group of men who go on holiday on a deserted island. When things begin to go wrong, they realize to their horror that they are stranded. Turns out…

Hentai + Reality = Real Hentai Situation! 2 is announced by Shiravune!

When chronic daydreamer Tooru’sdastardly diary is discovered, classmates old and new won’t give him a moment’s peace!

Good News for the Otome players! — Aksys Games announces 4 new titles

What are your expectations and personal wishlist?

Fate/Stay Night Remastered
Fate/Stay Night REMASTERED announced for Switch and Steam

TYPE-MOON announced a 2024 release of Fate/Stay Night REMASTERED, an HD remaster of the 2012 Realta Nua for the PSVita with English support.

Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! launch indefinitely postponed by Nekonyan

The January 2024 release of Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! has been indefinitely postponed by Nekonyan following a delisting from Steam.

KimiNozo Reboot
KimiNozo Crowdfund Closes —Nearly Doubling Initial Goal

The KimiNozo crowdfund has now closed with a grand total of 57,892,199 JPY raised, almost double its initial goal. An all-ages version of the game will release on Steam in…

Love Lab Announces “Ever Maiden”—When Nightmares and Reality Intertwine

On the 15th December, eroge publisher Love Lab announced Ever Maiden, a Liar-Soft game featuring yuri and horror. It's a highly anticipated title.

Love between Heaven and Hell– Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- Coming to the West in Spring 2024!

Tengoku Struggle -Strayside, an otome game by the makers of Olympia Soiree, has announced an April 2024 release via Aksys Games!