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SINce Memories to Release in English!

Finally, after almost 25 years, the Memories Off franchise is receiving an official English localization!

PQube has announced that they will be releasing SINce Memories: Off the Starry Sky on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam sometime in the near future.

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SteamPlayStation 4 [Physical]
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Nintendo Switch [Physical]
UK | Canada | Spain

Memories Off is a lengthy romance drama series originally created by KID and, later on, by MAGES.. Until now, it was one of the biggest visual novel IPs to have never received any official English localization. SINce Memories is the latest game in the Memories Off series, released in Japan back in 2021.
As MAGES. originally designed it as a soft reboot, it may very well be standalone enough for newcomers. That being said, these newcomers may miss references and callbacks to prior titles.

SINce Memories Screenshot
Memories Off 1 Key Visual

This localization announcement comes less than 2 months after Memories Off Historia’s Steam release. On February 1st, Spike Chunsoft released Memories Off 1-7 on Steam in Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Much to fans’ dismay, however, they did not localize the games into English. A large part of this may simply be that a localization of the earlier games in the series might prove extremely costly. Each entry is a full length visual novel comparable in length to the average mainline entry in the Science Adventure series. Nevertheless, if SINce Memories sells well, perhaps it will show that there is a demand for localizations of these earlier titles.

On a separate note, last September MAGES. announced Memories Off Sousou ~Not Always True~ as the franchise’s 25th anniversary title, and it will release in Japan sometime this year. They have yet to provide any word on a potential English localization for that but given that SINce Memories just received one, that could very well be possible. If not too reliant on past titles, hopefully either PQube or Spike Chunsoft will pick it up.

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