Fuwanovel is always looking for motivated people who share our love for Visual Novels. If you’re interested in being a writer for Fuwanovel, just send us your application, along with a sample article or post written by you (can be anything like a news article, a review, an unboxing article or a think piece – just don’t be shy!) and some information about yourself.

Apart from writers, we also offer opportunities for talented coders, web designers, artists and graphic gurus as well as social media managers. If you want to work with us, just check the requirements table below and use the form on this page or write an email at [email protected] to get in touch with us.

Blog TeamCoding TeamOther Teams

Fuwanovel Writer Team

  • You have the ability to contribute good ideas on a regular basis
  • You would describe yourself as “skillful” when it comes to expressing your ideas and thoughts. Also, you have this unique skill to put your ideas in a well-structured written format
  • Truth and fairness are important for you
  • Ideally, you have already some knowledge in producing content (website, blog, news portal, Youtube, Twitter …)
Fuwanovel Frontend Team


  • A good understanding of HTML 5/CSS 3
  • Coding experience in JavaScript/ES6
  • Some framework experience (Bootstrap, React or Vue for example)
Fuwanovel Community Team

We don’t add new people to the community team at the moment
Fuwanovel Editor Team


  • You have a good understanding of the English language, especially when it comes to grammar and spelling. Ideally, you’re even a native speaker
  • You would say you have a good feeling of what “sounds good” and what rather “strange” or “not good” if you read a text
  • You’re able to give other people feedback in a friendly and constructive way, so they can learn from you
Fuwanovel Backend Team


  • Decent programing skills either in C# and ASP.NET, PHP 7/8 and Symfony components, Python 3 with Flask or JavaScript with Node
  • /Express.js
  • At least some experience with relational databases (especially MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Maybe some experience with WordPress development (Plugin API, Theme API, REST API) (optional)
Fuwanovel Image Editing Team


  • Good skills in using bitmap image editing applications like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Corel PHOTO-PAINT
  • Good skills in using vector image editing applications like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or CorelDRAW
General skills


  • You should be able to deal with deadlines and working in a team.
General skills


  • At least a basic understanding of Git and GitHub
  • Experience in using (frontend) or creating (backend) REST APIs
  • Maybe some expierience with GraphQL (optional)
  • Maybe some experience with Docker and Dockerfiles (optional)
Fuwanovel SNS Team


  • A good understanding of either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • A Meta (Facebook or Instagram) AND a Twitter account
  • References like social media profiles you managed in the past or your own social media profiles (optional)
  • Experience with Social Media managing tools like Meta Business Suite, Tweetdeck or Buffer (optional)

What we have to offer

  • This cool feeling of being a member of one of the oldest and most popular Visual Novel web outlets and communities on the English Internet
  • Fancy team badges for your FuwaForums profile and a staff role on the Fuwanovel Discord Server to share this feeling with the world
  • Access to a ton of free review copies, among them many popular titles from big western publishers and western indie developers
  • Growing your own personal brand with your contributions to Fuwanovel
  • We can help you attend conventions in our name all over the world in exchange for convention reports.
  • A (possible) first step to build your career in the western Visual Novel industry and community

Please be aware that Fuwanovel is project primarily driven by fans for fans and hence all positions are unpaid, unless there is written something else.

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