Lucid9 is coming back, now with a Kickstarter!

With the successful conclusion of this campaign, the game is antecipated to be complete by the end of 2024

Two and a Half Studios’ New Stylish Experience—A Date with Death Launches Today!

Today, Two and a Half Studios is releasing their brand new VN, titled "A Date with Death". It's described as "A romance chat simulator where you date the Grim Reaper…

Tokyo Chronos & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos – TWIN PACK coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024

Virtual Reality game developer My Dearest announced that two titles of the 'Chronos-Universe', Tokyo Chronos and ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch as a double package…

Event Coverage: Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2023

On 14/11/2023, Nintendo launched their Indie World Showcase 2023 with some nice games, among them three Visual Novels!

Somnova Studios’ Missing Stars Act 1 Demo Hits Steam & Itch!

Missing Stars from Somnova Studios has been in development since 2012, starting out as a Katawa Shoujo-inspired visual novel, but revolving around mental disorders.

New Monster Girl Hentai RPG Surpasses Funding Goal by Magnitudes—Mana Quest

The Monster GIrl H-RPG Mana Quest is going into its last kickstarter day! It could break triples its initial goal already.

Psychological Yuri Thriller in a Spanish Setting?—House of Chavez Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The Italian indie developer WinterWolves Games has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for their newest psychological thriller yuri title called House of Chavez. It’s asking for around $7500 with stretch goals…

To Grant a Wish’s Kickstarter launched!

On November 1, Wizard Ras Studios launched the Kickstarter for their latest title To Grant a Wish with a goal of $6100.

Siren’s Call: Escape Velocity Gets Funded on Second Attempt, Now Going Towards Stretch Goals

Siren’s Call: Escape Velocity is a game developed by independent creator ThePenSword as a half-sequel, half-update to the original game: Siren’s Call. Escape Velocity deals with attachment, parting, and looking…

A Yuri Festival! – Élan Festival 2023 showcase

Come on in, yuri fans! You'll have plenty to feast on!