Fate/Extra CCC banner
Fate/Extra CCC Fan Translation Released!

Just in time for Christmas, the long-awaited fan translation patch for Fate/Extra CCC is available to download.

Siren’s Call: Escape Velocity Gets Funded on Second Attempt, Now Going Towards Stretch Goals

Siren’s Call: Escape Velocity is a game developed by independent creator ThePenSword as a half-sequel, half-update to the original game: Siren’s Call. Escape Velocity deals with attachment, parting, and looking…

Mahoutsukai no Yoru coming to Steam in December!

Finally a treat for PC TYPE-MOON fans!

Tsukihime Remake Official Translation set for 2024, English Trailer Available

Tsukihime – A piece of blue glass moon is the remake for TYPE-MOON’s notable first project of the same name. It was released in August of 2021, and now an…

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Released on June 30th

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE was released on June 30th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by the creators of Danganronpa, — Spike Chunsoft and Kodaka Kazutaka — Rain Code…