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A Contract Marriage Love Story! — Oops, I said Yes?! Released in English

On January 25th, Oops, I said Yes?! was made available on the Nintendo Switch (download only) and Steam for $29.99. The game was developed by Voltage Inc.—an otoge developer who produced over 100 original titles in formats ranging from mobile apps to films.

Ported from the mobile app, Love 365: Find your story, Oops, I said Yes?! contains up to the second Main Story for all of the love interests.
As of now, this title contains no voice acting. It also features some scenes which may not be suitable for all ages due to their sexual nature, as well as consumption of alcohol.

For this release, a new opening movie has been added along with features to rewind, save and load for a more enjoyable playing experience. You can find the original mobile game on the Google Play Store here or Apple Store here.


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Great job, fulfilling hobbies.
You’re loving the single life.

That is, until you end up married
and all on a drunken impulse!

A sparkling ring on your finger,
kisses to welcome you home.

It’s a marriage of convenience,
so why does it feel like you’re falling in love?

Neither your vows nor your wedding certificate
are proof of affection in this case.

Can marriage be a starting point for love?


Meet your Love Interests

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