Fuwanovel Advertising Program

With a long history, Fuwanovel and its Forums is one of the leading and most traditional Visual Novel and Eroge online communities in the western world, with a traffic flow of many 100,000 visits/month (according to Similarweb and tracking services like Google Analytics). This makes Fuwanovel a great choice for individuals and companies to market their Visual Novel, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Otaku or Japan related products and services to their target audience. Apart from the usual website banner advertising options, we also offer the option to book product placements, like sponsored news coverage, sponsored product reviews and sponsored unboxing posts or social media marketing products.

If you are interested in marketing your product or service on Fuwanovel, please check the table below to get a quick overview of our reach.

Website traffic

Many 100,000 Visits/month

Forums Users

12,000 Users

Facebook Account

17,700 Followers and 17,800 Likes

Twitter Account


Discord Server (Fuwanovel Discord)

3500 Users

Banner advertising

We offer several options to present your products and services via banner advertising on Fuwanovel. This includes common formats like Leaderboard which can be placed at various locations on Fuwanovel.net and the FuwaForums:

Banner locations on Fuwanovel.net

Since we plan to revise our front page design, we do not offer advertising slots on Fuwanovel.net currently

Banner locations on FuwaForums

Click on the image to see all banner slots

We offer 5 banner advertising slots on FuwaForums:

  • 1x 728x90px (“Premium”) slot below the menu, displayed on every page
  • 1x 728x90px slot above the Forum’s categories, displayed on the forums main page
  • 3x 728x90px slots between the Forum’s categories, displayed on the forums main page

Price table for FuwaForums

The actual banner advertising price depends on the location, the amount of booked slots and the duration (cost/month) of the advertising campaign.

Please use the following table to estimate the advertising costs:

728x90px slot, below top menu (“Premium”), displayed on every forums page$150/month
728x90px slot, above categories, displayed on forums main page$120/month
728x90px slot, between categories (NO1), displayed on forums main page$100/month
728x90px slot, between categories (NO2), displayed on forums main page$80/month
728x90px slot, between categories (NO3), displayed on forums main page$60/month
* All prices are in USD

Sponsored Content

Fuwanovel offer different kinds of Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content is defined as any kind of content for whose creation Fuwanovel was paid. Every kind of sponsored content will be promoted by us on all our social media platforms without any additional fee, so you don’t have to book sponsored content. However, it is important to note that we always have to declare sponsored content as such on Fuwanovel.net as well as on social media.

We offer the following 3 types of sponsored content:

Sponsored News Post

A sponsored news post is a news article about your game or product that we customize in terms of content and design according to your wishes and needs. It is important to know that this format will be by definition free of any of opinion or personal views, as news articles on Fuwanovel contain only facts. It is also important that your product has to be either a Visual Novel or needs to have a direct relation to the Visual Novel genre. The sponsored news post will be listed in the news section of our website and will look like every other organic news article, but there will be notice in the article itself which mentioned the sponsored character of the article.

Sponsored Review

A sponsored review is an advertising format where one of our writers reviews your game and expresses his own and personal opinion about it. It is important to understand that the writer is completely free to express his own opinion. Also, he or she is free in the optical design, although we will always consider your wishes and ideas. Compared to the usual review copy system (also called “Sponsored review copy”), you get a 100 percent guarantee that your review will actually be written, presented and decently promoted. Similar to sponsored news posts, it will be listed in our review section and will look like every other organic review, with the exception that there will be a notice which mentions the sponsored character.

Good to know: Sponsored Review Copy

You have always the option to just send us a review copy of your game, either directly at [email protected] or via Steam Curator Connect. This is always free for your and thus not strictly a part of the Fuwanovel Advertising Program. Please be aware that if you send us a review copy as a sponsored review copy it is completely up to our authors if they want to write about your game or not, so there is no guarantee that a review will be written at all. Please keep also in mind that we still have to declare a review as sponsored content if we use a review copy, even if you didn’t pay for the review as such.

Sponsored Showcase Post

A showcase post is basically a kind of a review but without personal opinion. Here, we will present, promote and advertise your product in detail. You can determine the text of the post as well as the post design. There is also a special section for sponsored showcase posts on Fuwanovel so that users can clearly distinguish it from organic content, but we regularly promote and link showcase posts from organic posts to point visitors to interesting products.

Price table

Sponsored News post

Sponsored Review

Product Showcase post



* All prices are in USD

Social Media Advertising

We offer to promote products or services on our social media presences (“branded content”). Sponsored content posts (see above) are automatically shared by us on our social media accounts and do not have to be paid for separately, unless additional campaigns or services are desired that go beyond the sharing of the sponsored content posts. Please note that branded content posts must be marked in the same way as sponsored content on our website.

Price table


Social Media post



* All prices are in USD

Get in touch with us

Before you send, please make sure your request complies with the following rules:

  • The advertising material (e.g. banner images) itself is neither explicit pornographic nor does it show gore or extremely violence
  • The link target does not contain pornographic or sexually suggestive depictions of minors
  • The link target does not host or promote malware, scam, piracy or otherwise dangerous or illegal content
  • The product or service that should be advertised has a relation to Visual Novels, Games, Anime, Manga or other aspects of Japanese culture

Please be also aware of the following:

  • Ideally, you have a verified Facebook page if you want to book Facebook advertising
  • We have to declare any kind of sponsored content (regardless of whether we get money or any other kind of compensation for it) in order to comply with the law and the different platform policies