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Your favorite Kemonomimi Girls are back! — Amairo Chocolate now on Switch

For our console players, Cabbage Soft has announced a Switch release of Amairo Chocolate! While the PC publisher was Denpasoft, we’ll have the Switch release by Dramatic Create.

The game itself is releasing on March 28th and will be available in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. You can buy the game from the CDJapan.
Unfortunately, the planned released for the North America and Europe regions have been canceled.

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Buy your copy here!

Physical EditionDigital Edition (JP)

Amairo Chocolate is a rom-com featuring cute kemonomimi girls. The game itself is trilogy, with the last game being released last year.

You may recognize the artwork by Shiratama. She is the artist behind the recent translated title Sugar Sweet Temptation. You can check out our review of it here!


Meet the Girls

Yukimura Chieri

VA: Fujisaki Usa

Height: 145cm / 4′ 9″
Birthday: February 22nd
Animal Type: Russian Blue

A Russian Blue beastfolk who’s the veteran waitress.

Though she’s one year younger than the protagonist, she is serious with a sense of responsibility. She started working part-time to become a respectable adult as soon as possible. Though short, with an adorable outward appearance; she gets upset if treated like a child. Due to her independence and seriousness, she tends to say “I’m fine” when responding to the kindness of others.

Amamiya Mikuri

VA: Yatsuhashi Cinnamon

Height: 156cm / 5′ 1″
Birthday: November 10th
Animal Type: Pomeranian

A girl who lives in the “beastman homeland” where only beastmen live.

She is the same year as the protagonist. She came to the town as the same time and got a part-time job at the cafe alongside the protagonist. Full of innocent positivity and curiosity, she is someone who proactively charges forward with her tail swinging back and forth. She is a shrine maiden in the beastman homeland and said to be able to hear the voices of the gods. It’s said that she came to Yuunagicho because of a divine message.

Misono Ichika

VA: Tsukishiro Mahiru

Height: 150cm / 4′ 11″
Birthday: April 9th
Animal Type: Toy Poodle

Though a complete opposite to the headstrong Nana, they’ve actually been best friends for a long time. Both Setaria and Sweet Tail are owned by Ichika’s mother and she works part-time at both of them. She loves romance novels and shoujo manga but also has a secret she can’t tell anyone about…

Maiba Nana

VA: Sakura Kotone

Height: 157cm / 5′ 2″
Birthday: August 7th
Animal Type: American Shorthair

With an unfeminine, casual way of talking, she tends to be frank with people she meets the first time. Although proud to be a beastfolk, she prefers to be thought of as “cool” rather than “cute”. She is into videogames and plays them extensively regardless of genre. For the longest time, guys would always come to hit on Ichika and like a dutiful mama cat, Nana will chase away any that get too close to her.

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