10 Console Games by MAGES. in the Pipeline—COLOPL Q1 2024 Report

COLOPL's Q1 2024 financial report reveals the company had a net loss of 0.4 billion JPY.

Steins;Gate 15th Anniversary Double Pack Announced

On April 11th, 2024, MAGES. will be releasing the Steins;Gate Elite + Divergencies Assort Double Pack. They will also re-release Steins;Gate Elite at a lower price.

Memories Off 1-7 Launch on Steam on February 1st!

On February 1st, Memories Off 1-7 will release on Steam in Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese! Much to fans' dismay, however, the games will not be available in English.

Robotics;Notes Manga Volume 2 Review Thumbnail
Manga Review — Robotics;Notes Vol. 2

Volume 2 of the Robotics;Notes manga is just as superb as the first. It's truly a solid adaptation all around and an excellent way for existing fans to re-experience phases…

KimiNozo Reboot
KimiNozo Crowdfund Closes —Nearly Doubling Initial Goal

The KimiNozo crowdfund has now closed with a grand total of 57,892,199 JPY raised, almost double its initial goal. An all-ages version of the game will release on Steam in…

New Witch on the Holy Night Movie Trailer Released

Aniplex unveiled a new 90 second trailer for the Mahoyo anime movie adaptation. They have yet to announce the film's staff or release date.

Muv-Luv Switch Ports to Release March 28th 2024

The Muv-Luv 20th Odyssey Box is available for pre-order now! It includes Switch ports for the Muv-Luv trilogy and Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After!

New Steins; Title Teased for 2024 Release in Interview with Famitsu

For Steins;Gate's 15th anniversary, MAGES. is planning on releasing a new Steins;Gate-related game and "a highly anticipated sequel" in 2024.

COZ Releases Anonymous;Code Improvement Fan Patch!

The Committee of Zero has released an improvement patch for Anonymous;Code's Steam port! This release has both a full and partial patch option, with the latter designed for English dub players…

Witch on the Holy Night Released on Steam!

The fully voiced 1080p remaster of Witch on the Holy Night has now released on Steam for 39.99 USD!