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Memories Off 1-7 Launch on Steam on February 1st!

Spike Chunsoft has announced that Memories Off 1-7 will release on Steam in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese on February 1st! They will be available for purchase both individually and via the Memories Off Historia bundle. With these releases, the first 8 main Memories Off games would be available on Steam as Memories Off 8: Innocent Fille released on Steam in 2020.

Unfortunately, none of these releases will have English language support. To date, Memories Off remains one of the largest visual novel IPs to have never seen an official English release. But maybe someday, that will change.

2024 itself is the Memories Off franchise’s 25th anniversary. In commemoration, MAGES. is planning to release their latest entry, Memories Off Sousou ~Not Always True~ sometime this year.

Memories Off Sousou

They previously announced three key staff members involved in the project. They are Hayashi Naotaka, who is in charge of the scenario, Sasaki Mutsumi, who is in charge of the character design, and Abo Takeshi, who is charge of the soundtrack. All three of these staff members are returning veterans to the Memories Off series. Hayashi served as scenario writer for various routes in Memories Off 4, Memories Off 5, and a few spin-offs. Meanwhile, Sasaki Mutsumi was the character designer for the first four main Memories Off games. And of course, Takeshi Abo has been in charge of the OST for every entry in the series from its very inception.

Since the game’s initial announcement, MAGES. has yet to reveal any further information surrounding the title. In the coming months, however, I would expect to see an increasing amount of news on the series. MAGES. recently mentioned their plans for Memories Off in their New Years Tweet.

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Memories Off is a long-running romance visual novel franchise which began in 1999 with the release of the first Memories Off game. The series was originally developed by KID. But after they went bankrupt and defunct in 2006, MAGES. bought the rights to the series and have continued making games ever since. To date, the series comprises eight main entries (excluding SINce Memories) and over ten spin-offs. It remains one of MAGES.’s biggest visual novel IPs, alongside the likes of the Science Adventure and Infinity series.

Back in 2021, MAGES. ported the first seven main entries to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with the Memories Off Historia release. Memories Off Historia Volume 1 contained Memories Off 1-4 while Memories Off Historia Volume 2 contained Memories Off 5-7. Amusingly enough, MAGES. also shadow-dropped both volumes of Memories Off Historia onto DMM back in August 2023. They did not so much as make a tweet acknowledging its PC launch. Nevertheless, the Steam releases will likely be based off of the existing DMM PC ports.

Memories Off Historia Key Visual


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