Hentai + Reality = Real Hentai Situation! 2 is announced by Shiravune!

When chronic daydreamer Tooru’sdastardly diary is discovered, classmates old and new won’t give him a moment’s peace!

Good News for the Otome players! — Aksys Games announces 4 new titles

What are your expectations and personal wishlist?

Fate/Stay Night Remastered
Fate/Stay Night REMASTERED announced for Switch and Steam

TYPE-MOON announced a 2024 release of Fate/Stay Night REMASTERED, an HD remaster of the 2012 Realta Nua for the PSVita with English support.

Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! launch indefinitely postponed by Nekonyan

The January 2024 release of Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! has been indefinitely postponed by Nekonyan following a delisting from Steam.

KimiNozo Reboot
KimiNozo Crowdfund Closes —Nearly Doubling Initial Goal

The KimiNozo crowdfund has now closed with a grand total of 57,892,199 JPY raised, almost double its initial goal. An all-ages version of the game will release on Steam in…

Love Lab Announces “Ever Maiden”—When Nightmares and Reality Intertwine

On the 15th December, eroge publisher Love Lab announced Ever Maiden, a Liar-Soft game featuring yuri and horror. It's a highly anticipated title.

Marriage was only the Beginning!—Idea Factory Intl. announces Cupid Parasite -Sweet & Spicy Darling.- Release for the West!

Idea Factory announced the English localization of the fandisk Cupid Parasite -Sweet & Spicy Darling-, scheduled for a 2024 release!

Otome Fans Rejoice!—Voltage Inc. Announces Three New Otome Titles!

Voltage Inc., known for their mobile otome games and even if TEMPEST, announced three new titles for the Nintendo Switch!

KimiNozo Planned for Summer 2024 English Release

In a recent interview, KimiNozo crowdfunding campaign project lead stated that they aim to release KimiNozo in English sometime in 2024