The Trans Representation Jam is here!

The Trans Representation Jam 2023 has started this June 23rd and is inviting any developer who is willing to join!

O2A2VN Jam Returns Again this Year!

This Jam consists on making micro stories up to 1K words and exploring all the assets available for you.

The Unofficial Expansion, a new Sengoku Rance Mod, has Appeared—But What Else is There?

Popular games often have a thriving modding scene, and Alicesoft’s Sengoku Rance, first fan translated in 2009 and a decade later officially localized by MangaGamer in 2019, is no exception…

Doujin Group Witch on a Mountain Creates Visual Novelization of Fate/Zero as a Passion Project?!

In the beginning of June, a curious project saw the light of day on the indie publishing platform A user called Milbunk, who is part of a doujin group…