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O2A2VN Jam Returns Again this Year!

The Only One of Any Asset Visual Novel Jam has started since June 21st and is inviting any developer who is willing to join. This Jam consists on making micro stories — also known as flash ficiton — up to one thousand words, while exploring our limits.

Milk+ visual, is the artist for this year’s promotional art. They are also behind soundless – A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA –, an outstanding denpa VN.

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We welcome developers of all skill levels, whether you’re completely new and want to make your first game or a veteran who’s been grinding at a long-term project, to challenge yourself to make a micro visual novel. O2A2 is a low pressure, anti-crunch, non-competitive jam without judging; everyone who completes a game by the deadline is a winner!

Official page

Past editions featured games such as a portrait of feathers, The Siren’s Song, Late Night Talks, and many, many more.


Weird little gremlin who likes all the fucked up stuff; if a story doesn't leave you in shambles, what's even the point? Functional fujoshi, at your service.

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