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Milk+ visual, Creators of Horror gem Soundless – A Modern Salem in Remote Area -, have Launched a Patreon

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On the 10th June 2023, the developers of milk+ visual, an America-based yuri media studio, launched their Patreon service – after a couple days of struggle to get it verified by Patreon’s supervision. On their platform, you can choose between four tiers to support them with increasingly solid perks, ranging from access to bi-monthly short stories and artwork for the lowest tier, up to exclusive merch and the agency to contribute in polls on what they’re going to work on next.

Who are milk+ visual?

Founded 2017, based in USA, milk+ visual is a yuri focused doujin visual novel studio focused around developing stories in a wide range of genres and atmosphere. Milk+ visual is founded and ran by papayaisla and they launched onto the scene with their niche horror-gem Soundless ~ A Modern Salem in Remote Area – released in for free in 2017 and recently remade as Soundless -A Modern Salem in Remote Area – Final Verse.

(For a cryptic review rousing interest in the game, refer to Zakamutt’s old blog article on disearnestlydisearnest or Plk_Lesiak’s review on EVNChronicles.)

After Soundless became a niche success, they went on to develop more games, such as a demo for their game 7388 in 2018 with the final product not released yet. Their other completed projects are Three Lilies and their Ghost Stories and the April Fools project MilkQuest. Their newest project in development with the least information public is POLYCHROMANIA.

All of their games contain horror elements of varying degrees, such as Soundless featuring graphic scenes of bullying, violent cultism and gore.

A Message from Papayaisla

The developers have a message for our community, as certain members have been in multiple threads on the Fuwanovel forums hyping up their game Soundless. An interview might also be on the table in the future, for we will see.

We’d like to tell the Fuwanovel community that we’re happy that so many longtime members enjoyed Soundless, and we hope that if anyone chooses to subscribe to the Patreon that the perks will adequately convey our gratitude for all the support throughout the years.

The milk+ visual Patreon allows backers to not only view development content that isn’t publicly available, but also gives them access to Patron-only, bi-monthly side story content: one all-ages story and one R-18 story. Patrons can vote on what exclusive side story content gets made for our yuri titles like Soundless – A Modern Salem in Remote Area – and Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories.

This month’s story features a cute shopping date for a Three Lilies couple and an erotic tale between Yiea from Soundless and a previously-unnamed side character. Additionally, we offer monthly sticker and mini print designs through Patreon’s Merch system which Patrons of qualifying tiers can also vote on designs for!

There’s a wide variety of options to choose from in the currently running poll, and depending on what wins there could very well be exclusive Soundless stickers! And these aren’t all the perks—we’ll also be running Patron-only Q&A sessions and Patron-only streams next month! Additionally, there’s some information on a yet-to-be-announced title with a little concept art to boot!

Direct Contact with Papayaisla

If this post motivated you to back them, feel free to post to the comments! We would love to see what impact our niche coverage may have on smaller creators making great stuff!


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