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Saving a Failing App (and Your Love Life) — Sympathy Kiss by Otomate releases in English

Today, February 27th, Otomate‘s Sympathy Kiss releases in English for the Nintendo Switch!
Idea Factory International (IFI) previously announced the game’s localization at Anime Expo 2023 along with HameFura which released last November.

The otome game is now available for purchase on the IFI Online Store and Nintendo Store for $49.99.

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Sympathy Kiss is an otome game developed by Otomate in collaboration with Design Factory Co., Ltd. and released back in November 2022. The game features six romanceable characters in an app company’s workplace setting. Aoki Hiroe was in charge of directing the game along with fellow Lover Pretend staff member Fuji Rito. Fuji Rito served as the artist and character designer for both games.

Sympathy Kiss is available in both physical and digital versions. Physical copies of the game are available in four editions: Standard Edition (NA only) at $49.99 USD, Day One Edition (UK & EU only) at £54.99/€59.99, Limited Edition, and Necklace Edition (UK & EU only) at £54.99/€59.99.
Except for the Standard Edition, each of them come with an exclusive IFI Online Store trading card when ordered through the official website (while stocks last).

For more information on each edition, refer to Idea Factory’s blogpost or the official website for a list of retailers. If you’re interested in their other releases, feel free to follow the Twitter accounts of Idea Factory and IFI Online Store!


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Key Features

  • POV: You Are A Modern-Day Office Worker in Japan   Explore your career opportunities and work with up to six love interests. See through the eyes of a Japanese career woman and experience full immersion in a contemporary workplace setting where the fantasy can be found in the breakroom. 
  • Call or text if you need me! – Increase productivity, or dabble in some friendly office banter by maintaining contact with romanceable characters using the RiNG system. Respond to text messages and take fully-voiced calls from your favorite love interests.
  • Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve – Some decisions require you to express how you feel through the Emotion Select system. Pick from two of a total of five emotions: Happy, Angry, Troubled, Sad, and Indifferent. Your selected emotions can influence future conversations. Your love interests will always remember to consider your emotions.
  • A Happy Worker Is A Productive Worker!  – Use the Love/Work system when making decisions to balance your work life and social life. Increase your Work Points or Love Points with each decision by choosing whether you will prioritize your career or romance. This will influence the outcome of your route and the ending.  



Amasawa Akari

VA: None (Full name can be changed)

One year has passed since you began working as a UI designer at Estario. Just as you were getting used to your responsibilities, you were encouraged to switch departments and join the team responsible for Estarci, an app you heard was going to be terminated soon. Worried that you may have been pushed into the role as an excuse to be laid off, you and your teammates will have to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival and growth of the app.

Eccentric Hit Maker x Personal Space Invader

Saotome Mitsuki

VA: Kajiwara Gakuto (Black Clover; Fire Force; Jack Jeanne)

In charge of planning and development. Despite his young age, he’s known as a hit-maker thanks to his streak of creating excellent products.

He’s intelligent with a casual attitude that occasionally rubs others the wrong way. Even so, his personality is sweet and quite friendly, so despite the occasional complaint, people find him quite likeable.

Older Recruit x Cynic

Minato Kouhei

VA: Umehara Yuuichirou (Goblin Slayer; High-Rise Invasion; Radiant Tale)

He joined the team six months ago after being poached from another department, and was immediately set to work on Estarci.

Though he’s older than you and Saotome, he treats you both as his seniors. He can be a little cold, and while he manages to get his work done, he never seems very motivated.

Fierce Boss x Clumsy Tsundere

Kobase Yoji

VA: Okitsu Kazuyuki (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; Fruits Basket; Brothers Conflict)

Placed in charge of leading the renewal of Estarci, he handpicked every member of his team, including you.

He’s a workaholic, with no real personal life. His stern look and strict tone make him feared within the company.

Future CEO x Prince Charming

Yoshioka Rokuro

VA: Yamashita Seiichiro (The Eminence in Shadow; Orange; Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo)

Son of the President of Tempesty, a chief business partner of Estario.

Handsome, intelligent, and rich, there are more than a few women after his heart, but he’s more interested in work than in love. He’s kind and collaborative with you, even though you don’t work directly for his company.

Moocher x Sweetheart

Tainaka Nori

VA: KENN (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners; Kyoukai no Kanata; BUSTAFELLOWS)

A young man you found collapsed on the street who sweet-talked his way into your life.

Although a bit strange and hard to read, he’s always kind and does what he can to help you.

Bar Owner x Handsome Older Man

Usui Shuya

VA: Uchida Yuuya (Soul Eater; Scarlet Fate: Fragments of the Past; Utawarerumono series)

The owner and bartender at Evergreen, a restaurant and bar with a great vibe located near Estario.

He’s a keen listener who always gives you his utmost attention with a gentle smile on his face.

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