Outis Media Releases Demo of Their new Monster Girl VN—Garden of Roses: Summerset

On June 27th 2023, Outis Media announced on their social media that they had just launched the prologue chapter for Garden of Roses.

SINxHOLIC: Demo Released on June 25th

SINxHOLIC, a free episodic BL visual novel, was released this week. Check out the demo!

The Divine Speaker: The Sun and the Moon released on June 8th

On June 8th, Two and a Half Studios announced the release for The Divine Speaker: The Sun and the Moon. This title is a prequel for its main title, The…

With Eyes of Ice Released on June 23rd

This is a dramatic kinetic "otome-esque" VN set in Iceland, in the 1800s.

Murder Mystery Indie title «NULL» Finished its Remaster

The time travel & social deduction murder mystery game NULL by Fouzi has received a remastered version. This remaster was done in collaboration with Strange Girl Studios. The game contains…

Synesthesia — Release Announcement

Spire Games has announced the release of SYNESTHESIA to be on June 20th. It’s a 15~20h character-driven sci-fi mystery story set in the future. It also features interactive elements such…