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Synesthesia — Release Announcement

Spire Games has announced the release of SYNESTHESIA to be on June 20th. It’s a 15~20h character-driven sci-fi mystery story set in the future.
It also features interactive elements such as point-and-click puzzle sections and a flowchart.

This release will be available on Steam very soon. For more details, you can follow their Twitter page or join their Discord!

The story is as follows:

If only those easy, carefree days could have gone on forever…

The year is 2029. Around the world are those awakening to new cognitive abilities, estimated to be about 0.016% of the next generation. The Huntley Scientific Research Institute has opened its doors to these young people to take on as students, to research their gifts and aid them in harnessing their strange abilities.

Ziek is a college level student at this institute. He seeks to continue his easy and comfortable life alongside his friends, but soon discovers they may be caught up in something much larger than they realise.

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Weird little gremlin who likes all the fucked up stuff; if a story doesn't leave you in shambles, what's even the point? Functional fujoshi, at your service.

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