Hatsumira -From the Future Undying-now on the Switch!

The fantasy action VN Hatsumira -From the Future Undying- is out now on Nintendo Switch!

MAGES. comes back with Iwakura Aria for the Switch!

MAGES. has announced their first new visual novel IP in years: Iwakura Aria. It will release in Japan for the Nintendo Switch on June 27, 2024.

Intertwined Bloodlines — Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden by Otomate releases today

Otomate is back with another release: Matsurika no Kei, releasing today. For the time being, this is a Japanese exclusive!

Review: Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk – Reborn to Reproduce!

What would you if you were given the ability to magically create items?

Catch me if you can!—Kittengumi: The Sakabato’s Thief Sneaks Onto Steam!

The game will also appear on console – whereas the Switch version had already released a day later on the 13th October.

A Long-awaited Otomege! — Hana Awase – New Moon Releases on Both Console and PC

Please take this opportunity to try out the downloadable versions!

My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and her Devoted Handmaiden Soon on Steam!

Shiravune strikes again with new announcement. This time, they announce a nukige visual novel from Waffle, My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden. The game will…

Träumendes Mädchen releases Chronotopia: Second Skin on Steam & Itchio

Looking for French VNs in English? We got you covered!

Stardander School for Witches by Fancy Fish Games Now in Early Access!

On the October 2nd 2023 the Connecticut-based indie development studio Fancy Fish Games has released its newest title Stardander School for Witches on Steam into Early Access, and it can…

Russian Indie Adult Game Broken Hearts Island released on Steam

On September 8th 2023, the russian indie game group Evil Boobs Cult released their latest game: Broken Hearts Island. This marks their 3rd indie game installment afterSex with the Devil…