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Outis Media Releases Demo of Their new Monster Girl VN—Garden of Roses: Summerset

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On June 27th 2023, the independent studio Outis Media announced on their social media that they had just launched the Steam page for the prologue chapter of their new IP, Garden of Roses. The demo is named Garden of Roses: Summerset and is completely free! The base game will be appropriate for a 16+ audience, featuring an available patch to unlock the spicy content.

Garden of Roses cover

Outis Media is an indie game development company, focusing on erotic monster girl stories. After their first game The Dandelion Girl: Don’t you remember me?, they followed up with Dark Waters: Gino and the Witch of the Black Swamp (which we already reviewed on this site). Three other games named Seeds of Paradise, Fruits of the Forest and Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire-breathing Brat came after; you can check our review for the last one! Outis Media often uses less conventional species and designs from the monster girl pool, such as harpies, plants or bratty dragons. They also create doujinshi like the Sylvie’s Bar franchise, among others.

The writer behind these games is M.E. Hatch, a scenario writer that takes pride in his creative abilities. Because of this, he tends to be very outspoken against NSFW game developers who visibly put less effort into their products. He describes Garden of Roses as their most ambitious project to date, combining several of their established IP’s characters.

If you would like to support them and their stories, please consider paying a visit to their SubscribeStar!

Garden of Roses Story heading

You play Will Getz, a hot-headed young man with unfinished business and a score to settle. When you were seven years old, you left the town you’d grown up in the middle of the night, never to return.
Fifteen years later, you return to the quaint town of Edelton to finish things where you left off.
Everything is exactly as you remember it, even the arrangement of the furniture.

While in town, you soon find yourself drawn to a harpy girl named Rosa Oaks, a pitiable girl inheriting a cursed family fortune and all the misery that accompanies it. Figures from the past and present cross paths over the two weeks you spend closing the lid on the past, culminating in an ending of your own choosing.

At the end of it all, surrounded by your news friend, you try with all your might to remember something you’ve been forgetting for well over a decade:

What happened, on that night?

Welcome to Edelton, a twilight town of Rose and Ash. product page
Garden of Roses Characters heading

“Garden of Roses” features an ensemble cast of monster girls with their own quirks and backstories to unravel. Spend the two weeks you spend in this sleepy town getting to know what makes them tick and find out for yourself what secrets they might be holding on to.

A scrappy kobold raised on the bad side of the tracks, a snooty harpy with a superiority complex, a mommy-aged holstaur with boundary issues, and more.

Make the most of your time in this quiet place while you still have the chance. product page
Garden of Roses Features heading
  • A branching story. Big and small choices alter the fates of you, your friends, and Edelton itself.
  • Reveal new stories and additional scenarios in the “Memorandum.” Peel back the layers of Edelton and revel in its dark secrets. Nothing is as it first appears.
  • Multiple endings. Your choices decide not only Will’s fate and Rosa’s, but everyone else’s as well.
Garden of Roses More About the Game heading

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