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Voice Actors in Love!?—Voice Love on Air by Dayu Zixun released

On March 28th, Dayu Zixun and Noisy Fish Studio, in collaboration with SOFTSTAR Entertainment, released Chun’ai Sheng Fangsong – Voice Love on Air on Steam. The Chinese BL visual novel simultaneously released with English and Japanese language options and will be releasing a Nintendo Switch port sometime later this year.

Voice Love on Air is available to purchase with a 10% discount for only $26.99.


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Voice Love On Air is a BL (Boys’ Love) dating sim game with a unique twist of voice acting and studio management elements. The story tells how Aki, a new voice director who has to complete several BL Dramas, and the charming voice actors fall in love with each other.

In addition to the captivating love story, the game also includes voice recording and a sound director. Each actor has a variety of attractive voices. While Aki explores the love stories with actors, he will also gradually train and explore their special voices. Players can also enjoy the completed dramas recorded in the game.



Start Recording from Scratch
Take on different drama genre projects, study, and collect materials.

Do Your Best for Every Drama
Choose your favorite voice actor to work closely with in voice direction.

Get to know them… better
Meet up with your love interest on the weekends and hear his story.

Make Your Own Voice Love Story

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