Departed Away 7
Pixel Art and Horror in One Package — Departed Away is now available on Steam

Horror visual novel Departed Away by Turkish indie dev Alperen Torun is now available to purchase on Steam at a 15% discount!

EVN List
The Fuwanovel EVN List: January 2024 Releases

The Fuwanovel EVN List makes its debut with the January 2024 version! What titles from this month's batch caught your interest?

Being Gay in Space!—The Symbiant Re:Union out Today!

The fandisc will average 3 hours of playtime and full English voice over. You can buy it now on Steam for $13.49!

Perpetually visited by Succubi—Winged Cloud’s Sakura Succubus 8 now out!

The successful series of continuous Sakura Succubus titles is back for the eighth time. How many are going to follow?

Kon’s Lesson! by Mango Party OUT NOW!

Satisfy the fox spirit's desires as she guides you in Kon's Lesson, Fox House's first visual novel release!

First Person Perverted Antics?! – PARALYTIC Demo Releases!

First-person horny fun in a hospital? Yippee!!

Incubi Bara? Sounds like Heaven to me! – My Incubi Harem Released!

On December 11th, the small development group Male Doll premiered their brand new game My Incubi Harem on Steam!

Damsels in Distress Demo released on December 1st!

On December 1st, developer Anime Mania, known for their adult content-centered VNs, released a demo for Damsels in Distress.

Open Late Games Debuts With Prohibition-Era Otome Game— Speakeasy

On the 30th of December 2023, Open Late Games released their debut game with SpeakEasy. An erotic otome game that plays in the time of the Prohibition Era.