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Pixel Art and Horror in One Package — Departed Away is now available on Steam

On January 29th, the full version of the Turkish horror visual novel Departed Away by indie dev Alperen Torun finally released. The game is currently available on Steam for only $4.24!


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Hmm… It’s kind of hard to explain all the details, but I was forced to start at this new school. It wasn’t by choice; my parents practically pushed me into it. A workaholic mother and a creepy father—my family is far from ordinary. But let’s not get sidetracked. In this school, all I wanted was to make a few friends, but… Well, you know how that turned out. Did you manage to contact my advocate? I have a feeling I’m going to need one.


Departed Away is the first visual novel released by Turkish developer Alperen Torun, also known as Nooarth. The game features a simple story about making friends in a new school and the difficulties that come with it. The development for the game started back in June 2023 with an initial goal of a September release. However, due to various issues, the release date was repeatedly set back.

The game also released a demo back in September 2023 and was featured in Steam’s Next Fest last October.

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Departed Away is currently available on Steam with a 15% price discount. Get your copies now to take advantage of the sale and show your support! For more information about the game, follow Alperen Torun on Twitter and Instagram or join their Discord server.

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