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Incubi Bara? Sounds like Heaven to me! – My Incubi Harem Released!

On December 11th, the small Brazilian game development group Male Doll premiered their brand-new game My Incubi Harem, a fully uncensored BL eroge appealing to people who like big muscular manly men getting frisky with one another.

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Official Trailer from Male Doll‘s YT channel

Male Doll is an indie game studio that specializes in making games featuring boy x boy romances. Their first visual novel was Sick Love which was released in 2018 on Steam. Since then, they’ve released numerous boy’s love titles ranging from bara-focused stories to 3D games. They even have a gay platformer game!

My Incubi Harem is Male Doll’s eighth visual novel title. You can buy the game on Steam for $9.99 USD. It even has a demo in case you want to try it out before purchasing.

For more information about their works, you can follow Male Doll’s Twitter account .


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From time to time, incubi cross the portal between worlds to choose from among the hottest men on Earth who will be the next incubi king. To be the chosen one, Ciras’ master starts to cheat the process and the demons appear before the expected date to find out how anyone would dare to interfere in the process. Will Ciras save his boss or will he tell the incubi the truth? Who is the next chosen one?

Enjoy the first chapter in a series of games where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful incubi and get ready to meet a lewd mentor, a hot singer, a queer dom activist, a cold-hearted nobleman, and a sensible daddy!



  • Choice System;
  • 4 endings (2 bad, 1 good, 1 secret. Complete all 3 and unlock a secret that will be available if you get a bad one the second time);
  • Unique CGs;
  • Game Length: around 2 to 3 hours;

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Gardening, animals, country music, but mostly cheap nukige

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