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Damsels in Distress Demo released on December 1st!

On December 1st, developer Anime Mania, known for their adult content-centered VNs such as Hentai: Magical Girls, released a demo for their spicy new title Damsels in Distress. You play as a paladin who struggles between his lust and his duty as he meets beautiful maidens along his journey. The game features animated scenes, quick-time events and decisions that will affect both your gameplay and the ending that you can get.

Damsels in Distress is their ninth game released on Steam.


This is the same old story of rescuing maidens from the clutches of villains and rapists such as goblins and trolls, werewolves and harpies. You will meet them and many others all across the different locations the game has to offer.
Your decisions will directly affect the plot and the main character’s leveling up. Paladin spells won’t work if your character is vile or lustful. You can get one of several different endings.

– Official Description

Notable features!

  • A moral dilemma: You can either fuck the next succubus or not die
  • A not-so-obvious randomized choice – go right or die
  • An archetypal, but not too banal plot (or so we think)
  • The main character is a horny paladin
  • Decisions made throughout the game will affect the ending
  • Save the maidens, then fuck them!
  • Japanese voice-over
  • Exciting battles and other QTE-based activities
  • You can raid caravans
  • 10+ beautifully animated sex scenes
  • You can make a baby with a female camel. 🙂

A disclaimer about the last feature:

Damsels in Distress contains depictions of sexual acts, including, among others, BSDM "master/slave", gratuitous nudity, bodily fluids and blood, "coercive role play" by mutual consent, and much more. Depiction of zoophilia in the game is absent.
All characters are over 18 years old.

You can check out the demo via Steam here!

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