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Squaring Off in a Lusty Tournament! – Champion of Venus: Tayla’s Big Adventure in Early Access!

On December 16th, the early access version of the sequel to April’s Champion of Venus was released! This sequel is called Champion of Venus: Tayla’s Big Adventure.

Tayla’s Big Adventure features the same setting as the last game but with a new champion as the protagonist! As the namesake of the sequel, Tayla must help the new Queen of Lust Venus unravel the mystery of the abandoned stadium. What kind of secrets are hidden inside of it?

The Champion of Venus series is developed and published by Umbrelloid. The first game was known for featuring unique futanari scenes.

You can buy the Early Access version here!


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The Tournament of Eros is over…

…So why are the Champions still in the city? And what’s with this creepy invitation?

Something weird is going on – and it has something to do with the old, abandoned stadium in the heart of the city.

The realms of lust are under new management…

As the new Queen of Lust, Venus has to solve this mystery…but with her Champion on a divine vacation, there’s only one mortal she can turn to.

Join Tayla on a big, busty adventure like no other! Unravel a conspiracy of gods and monsters, square off with lustful Champions, and uncover the stadium’s mysteries!

Like, totally!

Tayla’s Big Adventure is the sequel to Champion of Venus, and delivers on the wild kinks and dumb humour that game is known for. There’s an optional summary of the first game if you haven’t played it.


Mature Content Description

Tayla’s Big Adventure features a wide breadth of adult content. Most of the non-vanilla stuff is optional.

Adult content includes: nudity, sex, futanari characters, sex with creatues and monsters, expansion, transformation, non-harmful stretching due to excessively gigantic insertions, and soft vore (enabled/disabled by an early dialogue option).


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