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Open Late Games Debuts With Prohibition-Era Otome Game— Speakeasy

Before the end of the last year, on the 30th of December 2023, the US-based studio Open Late Games debuted their first complete visual novel project with Speakeasy, a prohibition-era erotic otome game with 7 total routes. It is one of two games that were in development. According to the Open Late Games website, Speakeasy was first announced in February 2022 and had a demo released by end of March 2023. A Kickstarter followed in June 2023 which collected $33,264 USD from 639 contributors.

The game is now available for purchase in multiple stores between $17.99 USD – $19.99 USD, including Steam, Itch and also JAST USA.

Additionally, you can purchase an artbook and the soundtrack on Steam/Itch.


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Speakeasy is an R18 game that features dark and mature subject matter. Depicted within the game are: tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, violence, prostitution, nudity, explicit sexual content, death (including murder and suicide), kidnapping, humiliation, consensual violence, and adultery. Content that is discussed but NOT depicted in the game include: child abuse, homophobia, sexual assault, and wartime atrocities.

Forced into an arranged marriage, Cora West rebels against the norms of her class and runs away, intent on forging her own path in life. But she quickly finds herself falling directly into the laps of some of the city’s most notorious citizens.

What Cora encounters outside the iron gates and manicured lawns of the West Estate in Prohibition-era Los Angeles is a bright, exciting, and equally dangerous city pulsing to the beat of jazz music and drowning in the illegal liquor of the most decadent underground clubs around. Vincent Harlowe’s speakeasy is beyond her wildest dreams–and sometimes even her worst nightmares.

Direct her actions and determine whether she will make it out with her heart intact or lose herself in the glamor and excess.




Within the game is a common route and six possible romance routes: four routes with single male love interests, one sapphic love interest, and one polyamorous route with two male love interests. All routes are unlocked at the start of the game and there is no requirement to complete certain routes to unlock others. Routes may be played in any order, but it’s recommended to play Vincent Harlowe last.

The game has 19 possible ends and approximately 35 hours of gameplay to collect all possible scenes, endings, and CGs.

The main character can be customized with four different skin tone selections (appearing in CGs and in the on-screen sprites), and the name can be customized.



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