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Kon’s Lesson! by Mango Party OUT NOW!

On December 17th 2023, Kon’s Lesson! (Yāo Hu De Lian’ai Xue Cheng), developed by Fox House and published by Mango Party, released on to Steam. The game is currently available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), as well as Japanese.

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In this romantic comedy, the reader gets to experience Inari Kon’s ‘lessons’ through mini-games to satisfy her desires. However, there will be consequences for not completing them. It also features Akane Fujita as the titular Kon!

Mango Party is a Taiwanese publisher known for localizing shorter Chinese nukige into English and Japanese, with this being Fox House’s first release. Featuring uncensored and animated h-scenes, Kon’s Lesson! is available on Steam for $9.99 USD. It also has a digital artbook via DLC for $3.99 USD.


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According to legend, the Nine-tail Fox Spirit split all her tails into nine separate spirits. These spirits can fulfill human wishes, but for the wish to come true, “offerings” need to be made.

You were just watching TV on your sofa when the doorbell rings. You open the door to see an adorable silver-haired lady. “Do you have a wish to fulfill?” she asks. Before you know it you have signed a pact with her, the legendary fox spirit now promises to fulfill your wish, as long as you complete her lessons.

Try your best to complete the lessons and satisfy the fox spirit’s desire! Get ready for a steamy summer vacation with this beautiful fox lady!

Among many of the split spirits, one particular spirit made her way to a nation in the far east.

After seducing many people, she was eventually exposed by the Onmyoji; they punished the immortal being by sealing her under a stone. Now, after a thousand years, the seal was beginning to show its cracks…

– Steam description


  • Fully-voiced Heroine (Japanese VO)
  • Interactive & animated portraits of the heroine throughout the story
  • Nine swappable costumes
  • Five unlockable animated sex poses
  • Over 20 collectable CGs

Kon’s Lesson! currently has a Very Positive review score on Steam.

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