Untranslated Releases: February 2024

Want to read some visual novels in Japanese? Here's the newest releases!

Kon’s Lesson! by Mango Party OUT NOW!

Satisfy the fox spirit's desires as she guides you in Kon's Lesson, Fox House's first visual novel release!

Murder Mystery Paradox 1
Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer by Aniplex RELEASED

In the beginning of December, Aniplex released 213℉'s first title Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer in Japanese on Steam!

Beating the Cold with Familial Love! Winter Memories by Doujin Otome Releases TODAY

Winter Memories, the sequel to Doujin Otome's highly successful Summer Memories, arrives today on Steam and Kagura Games!

Otome Fans Rejoice!—Voltage Inc. Announces Three New Otome Titles!

Voltage Inc., known for their mobile otome games and even if TEMPEST, announced three new titles for the Nintendo Switch!

Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Shuushou Update—Trial Edition out now!

Monmusu Quest is back and so are all of the monster girls—there are over 400 of them!

Untranslated Releases: November 2023

Here's the table for the untranslated releases of November 2023. Updates happen sporadically!

The Fox Awaits Me HANA released for the Nintendo Switch

Last November 2, COSEN released The Fox Awaits Me HANA in multiple languages (including English) for the Nintendo Switch.

A Shinigami Beauty — Zarie: The Story of Sin out on Steam

At your life's end, you encounter a Shinigami. What kind of conversation will you have on your way to be judged?

Untranslated Releases: August 2023

Welcome to the second iteration of the Untranslated Releases List. This time, we cover the August 2023 releases. The first article was met with a lot of laudation, that we…