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Fuwanovel x Kagura Games Winter Memories Celebratory Giveaway!

To celebrate the recent release of Doujin Otome‘s latest title Winter Memories, Fuwanovel has partnered up with Kagura Games to host a giveaway for the series! This is a great opportunity for everyone interested in trying out the games for themselves, so don’t miss out! The giveaway will be running until January 18th.

We’ll be selecting three lucky people to receive a copy of the prequel Summer Memories. One of them will be randomly receiving a copy of the new Winter Memories as a package. There’s a lot of ways to enter; do the tasks and raise your chances of winning the prizes! For our followers on social media, you’re pretty much guaranteed an entry already!

You can join the giveaway by using the Gleam widget below.

Fuwanovel x Kagura Games Giveaway!

What is Kagura Games?

Kagura Games

Kagura Games is a publishing company that translates, localizes, and markets Japanese video games into English and Chinese. Since their first release in 2018, they’ve become one of the biggest publishers of both visual novels and adult games in the market, frequently releasing new titles for fans to enjoy. To see their catalogue of games, head on to their official website.

Winter Memories 1

Winter Memories is part of the Amaenbo series created by Doujin Otome. It is the second of two titles, serving as a sequel to last year’s Summer Memories. The series follows the story of Boku-kun, a young boy who came to the countryside because his parents were too busy with work. Intent on creating beautiful memories, he sets out to meet new people, particularly girls that he can become friends with!

Read more about Winter Memories on our recent article about its release here.

If you’re interested in playing Winter Memories, you can buy the game through Steam or through the Kagura Games website for $19.99. Currently it’s at a 20% discount, so grab it for a lower price while you can!

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