New Shiravune project! — NYO-NIN-JIMA – My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island

Get friendly with the Kowakame family in a female-only paradise!

A Blue Bird of Mystery — Aoi Tori coming to Steam

This isn't a new announcement, but it's one many are awaiting!

A Summer Romance in the Countryside — Amanatsu Perfect Edition announced!

Three girls in the countryside! What love story will await you?

Corrupting the Youth — Holy Slave Academy by Shiravune OUT NOW!

From the creators of Kuroinu, comes another translated release—this time, of a VN with almost 20 years!

A Winter Love Story — Mashiroiro Symphony HD + Sana Edition by Shiravune!

Both games are expected to release around Spring!

Fuwanovel x Kagura Games Winter Memories Celebratory Giveaway!

Fuwanovel has partnered up with Kagura Games to host a giveaway to celebrate the recent release of Winter Memories!

Beating the Cold with Familial Love! Winter Memories by Doujin Otome Releases TODAY

Winter Memories, the sequel to Doujin Otome's highly successful Summer Memories, arrives today on Steam and Kagura Games!

Succubus Sessions banner
Lovey-Dovey with a shy Succubus! Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell by Shiravune now on Steam!

Lovey Dovey time with a shy Succubus begins now! Succubus Sessions releases on Steam and Johren today, December 1st 2023!

Yakuzas, Drugs, and Crimes!—Criminal Border: 1st Offence OUT NOW!

Shiravune finally released their latest big project! This time, we got Criminal Border in English!

Welcome to the Lair of chaos! — Dungeon’s Legion out now!

Defend your dungeon and corrupt heroines from other territories!