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Welcome to the Lair of chaos! — Dungeon’s Legion out now!

Dungeon’s Legion, developed by Luna Soft and published by Kagura Games is now available via Steam and Kagura Games’ website $15.99. It’s currently with a 20% off discount until October 20th. Get it while you can!

The game offers strategic gameplay, where planning is the key to defend your dungeon from the Forces of Order and multiple heroines you can corrupt by expanding the influences on other territories. The entire DLC released for the Japanese version of the game will be included in this release.

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The Goddess of Chaos has reincarnated you as a Demon Lord in another world. Your mission is to lead the Forces of Chaos to victory over the Forces of Order. While your initial army consists of just a few goblins, you can grow your forces by employing even deadlier units such as ogres and daemons. As you defend your dungeon, you will encounter various heroines whom you can capture. Sway them into joining your cause and helping you protect your dungeon!

  • A Strategic Dungeon-Defense RPG
    Defend your dungeon through strategic planning and careful troop placement.
  • Multiple Difficulties
    Enjoy the story on Easy mode or test your mettle on HELL mode. There’s an option for everyone.
  • Multiple Heroines
    The game boasts a large cast of heroines to capture. After fulfilling certain conditions, you can even customize their outfits.
  • All DLC Content Included
    All DLC content such as additional heroines are included in this release.

If this game piqued your interest, get it on Steam or Kagura Games for $15.99!

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