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Being Gay in Space!—The Symbiant Re:Union out Today!

Following the original game’s release in March 2023, HeartCoreDev released today two After Stories in one fandisc titled The Symbiant Re:Union. There will be a later release on as well, scheduled for March 13th. You can follow HeartCoreDev on their socials and join their Discord server for more!

The fandisc averages 3 hours of playtime and features a full English voice over, as well as 22 unique CGs and original soundtracks.

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You can buy it now on Steam for $14.99, with the 10% as launch discount! The game is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
Just like the main title, Re:Union also features an adult patch, which you can obtain for free, as well as a PG-13 Artbook & CG Pack for $7.99, with 10% as launch discount. The artbook is available as PG-13 for the Chinese, German and Korean players; for the other players, you can find the 18+ version here.

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What’s The Symbiant?

In the year 5066, Danya and his alien friend Juniper are manning The Ameretat, a humble spaceship that transports goods across the Milky Way.

After a troubled transport gig that left their beloved ship in need of repair and their bank account empty, the team is offered a generous deal they cannot refuse: transporting a beautiful and mysterious alien who calls himself Brahve.

Sometimes at night, Danya hears strange things from Brahve’s room. What could he be hiding in there? And how will it affect the connection that’s quickly growing between the two men?


The After Stories

The First Story

The first story will transport you to the planet of Cayama, where in the main game Brahve finds Danya in the space port and confesses his love to him. What happened to the Odarian in the last two years and why is he so set on getting Danya back after breaking up with him? And where in the world is the Symbiant?


The Second Story

In the second story with our love birds you visit Odaria, Brahve’s homeworld where the team meets his cousin. This story takes place after the happiest ending in the main game. You’ll get a chance to explore the luxurious hot spring resort, as well as the surrounding forest nearby and experience some exquisite one-on-one times with Brahve.

Exotic forests, board games with friends, and torrid intimate moments between the two men await in this fun-packed adventure on a new alien planet!




Voiced by Steven Kelly

“Juni and I go where the road takes us. As long as we get a nice-paying gig, we’re game!”

Occupation: Pilot entrepreneur
Origin: Terran (Planet Earth)

With his best friend and business partner Juni, he started a joint venture in long-distance shipping. Friendly and optimistic, Danya is a dreamer fascinated by space.

Likes: Adventure, stargazing, botany, the simple pleasures in life, sex
Dislikes: Violence, being ordered around, transporting people


Voiced by Mylo Reid

“I study mutually beneficial interactions between different species in the galaxy.”

Occupation: Symbiologist
Origin: Odarian (Planet Odaria)

He’s on the run from space pirates who are after his research. Like most Odarians, his poor immune system makes traveling outside of his planet difficult and potentially very expensive.

Likes: Terran cuisine, discovering new things, science, sex
Dislikes: Being pressured into doing things, having to lie to people, conforming


Voiced by Joey Sourlis

Chohra is Brahve’s third cousin who lives on Odaria.

The team meets him when they arrive at the beautiful resort Chohra invites everyone to stay at. He’s warm, welcoming, chipper and always seems to be in a good mood. Chohra loves being around people and makes everyone feel comfortable.

He’s open-minded, a little nosy and takes particular pleasure learning about different aliens around the galaxy. He lives in a poly amorous household and has a daughter.


Voiced by Aife

“Of course I’m ‘second in command’. There’s only two of us, dude.”

Occupation: Spaceship engineer
Origin: Tulrorthian (Planet Tulrorth)

Danya’s best friend and business partner, Juni used to work on a bigger space craft before starting a new venture with him. Her girlfriend is a singer celebrity famous in the galaxy.

Likes: Working out and weightlifting, trying new foods, her independence, board games
Dislikes: Being kept in the dark, the smell of fish, long work hours, overtime, hypocrisy


Voiced by Elsie Lovelock

Riemphea is a famous intergalactic opera singer, renowned for her unique and powerful voice. She performs in upscale venues and sometimes interstellar cruises. She’s confident, refined and very sophisticated; all that coupled with her Arqen (reptiloid) physique can make her seem intimidating. She’s actually quite personable and friendly (close friends call her Remphy).

Riemphea is Juniper’s romantic partner. They met several years ago and are currently in a long-distance relationship, only meeting a few times a year due to their respective occupations. The two women are very fond of each other. Though they don’t display much affection to each other in public, close friends know they are warm and tender in private.

The Staff

Director: Irlana (Twitter)
Composer: Astrophysics (Twitter)
Programmer: Fable (Twitter)
Editor: Ende (Twitter)


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