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A Grotesque Vinyl — Pre-order The Song of Saya’s Soundtrack on Vinyl!

On January 29th, Very Ok Vinyl announced The Song of Saya‘s original soundtrack repress for vinyl. You can pre-order it here!
This vinyl will be available to various retailers such as Materia Collective, JAST, HHV Records, and Vinyl Guru.


  • New VoV Exclusive “Rot” Variant
  • Gatefold Tip-On Jacket with OBI Strip
  • 12X12″ Double Sided Art Print
  • Newly restored replica Japanese advertisement from the game launch in 2003

Materia Store will sell an exclusive edition of this record: the “Saya’s Wings” transparent variant. It’s a beautiful translucent mint green that evokes the image of her wings from the game.

For our European readers, be warned: Materia is an US-based store, so the shipping and overall cost will not come cheap.

What’s The Song of Saya?

Also known as Saya no Uta, this visual novel is deemed as one of the classics, especially within the Western VN community. It was developed by NITRO PLUS and brought to the west by JAST USA.

Rot. Decay. A wasteland of twisted, pulsing flesh. Sakisaka Fuminori survives a terrible accident only to find himself trapped in a nightmare with no escape. His friends offer him comfort and support, but their warmth cannot reach his frozen soul. Then he meets a mysterious girl named Saya, and little by little, his madness begins to infect the world.


You can buy it here:


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Did you know there’s a Song of Saya AI app? Check out our coverage on it!

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