Paradise turns deadly! — Paradise by JAST available for Pre-Order NOW!

Follow a group of men who go on holiday on a deserted island. When things begin to go wrong, they realize to their horror that they are stranded. Turns out…

Looking for Vampire BLs? — Blood Domination now on Steam

Bonus points if you're into D/s dynamics!

Being Gay in Space!—The Symbiant Re:Union out Today!

The fandisc will average 3 hours of playtime and full English voice over. You can buy it now on Steam for $13.49!

My Douchey Boss Has a Gentle Twin Brother?! Released For Free!

If anyone wants to find a good way to kill some time during the holidays; ChaniMK has you covered! They have released a new boy love title for completely free…

Where Winter Crows Go by Pri Karin now available!

Last November 14th, Pri Karin released the full version of their third title Where Winter Crows Go. You can now download it from!

Demo Review: Deep in the Forest — A Medieval, Potion-Making BL

Check out Ertal Games' newest title, filled with handsome men, a dash of alchemy, and...a variety of issues...

Cheeky Cupid Shenanigans! – ChaniMK releases Selfish Cupid on Steam & Itch

On the 21st of September 2023, ChaniMK, an indie developer specializing in Boys Love visual novels, released their newest game Selfish Cupid on Steam and Itch. In this game, you…

More Dark BL! Friendly Lab Releases in English Next Week

If you enjoyed the setting in Room No 9, you might be into this one!

Demo Analysis: My Alien Roommate—The Subjectivity of Art

Recently, I’ve played a good visual novel. This satisfaction is such a great feeling, isn’t it?It’s just a demo (only a fifth of the game), but it nevertheless managed to…