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Ready or Not?! Tenioha! Mami’s little Sub out now!

On the 24th of August visual novel publisher Shiravune made a sudden announcement for a new translation project of the dark romance nukige Tenioha! feat.Mami by rootnuko+H.
The game is now available on Steam as a censored release. To unlock all the content, you’ll need to buy the adult version on Johren. Meanwhile, it is also available on other stores like JAST, MangaGamer or Kagura Games.
Both versions released on the 30th of October, right on time with the expected Q4 they estimated.

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In this 2022 Moe Game Award–winning dark romance VN, step into the shoes of a submissive young corporate cog whose dream of a big-city bachelor’s lifestyle remains frustratingly elusive—that is, until he catches the captivating gaze of one Mami Himekawa, his dommy-mommy, slightly older coworker...


Tenioha! is a dark nukige made by rootnuko+H. The game itself is a side story from the original game Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too!.
Tenioha! features only a single heroine, Himekawa Mami — the woman on the cover. This game got selected as the winner of Top 3 Dark Erotic Work Award in the Moege Grand Awards 2022. The producer of the game commented:

This game unexpected marked as their 10th Anniversary of the series. The game itself also different that their previous works they made that in it is a low-priced and fetish-focused work. The reason why this game got awarded as Black Erotic Work Award because the part of contribution of the protagonist is super masochist and endured the hard torture as reward.

rootnuko+H’s producer
the quote was translated from this excerpt

Rootnuko+H is a visual novel producer behind the famous nukige Tenioha series. This brand is an imprinted brand from Rootnuko (a VN brand with an +18 eroge focus), which succeeded from nuko (with an all-ages focus.)

Rootnuko+H’s first nukige is Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too!, which got a translation to English by the company itself. Later, they continue the series with Tenioha! 2 ~Nee, Motto Ecchi na Koto Ippai Shiyo?~, which features the same setting as the first game. This sequel received a fandisc titled Tenioha! 2 Limit Over ~Mada Mada Ippai, Ecchi Shiyo?~. All of these games have their own animated adaptations.

Not long ago, I entered the realm of adult working life, brimming with hope and ambition. After a nightmarish first twelve months, however, that all seems like a distant memory. I yearn for the past, for a simpler time when my middle-aged boss’s constant berating didn’t ruin my evening commute home. These days, the bachelor’s life I so looked forward to echoes my own cluttered state of mind, as I dig into yet another discounted supermarket bento to avoid my sink full of dirty dishes.

“…Might as well rub one out…”

I put on one of my favorite, nastiest porn actresses and slowly fap myself into a fever pitch. After my second helping, followed by a third, I stare at the ceiling, riding my cheap high. With years of pent-up horniness and still no outlet, my life as a functioning adult offers zero respite. And so I’ve spiraled from vanilla porn, to spicier fare, and finally, to hardcore kink, where I can lose myself in femmy fantasies of submission and humiliation.

“I wonder if there’s anyone out there like that for me… A genuine nympho who’d just… milk me until my cock runs dry. Just one mature MILF type with all the right curves, and I’d be set for life…”

A familiar face flashes in my mind, but I swiftly dismiss it with a shake of my head.

“What’s wrong with me? She’s literally my coworker…”

Yeah, there’s always that one girl at the office—my tormenting, patronizing superior, Mami Himekawa. Sure, she’s got the looks, the laugh, the walk, and that voice, but I highly doubt she shares my unconventional interests. Well, at least not the kind of kink I happen to be into… right?

And yet, just when I least expect it, the answer to that question reveals itself in broad daylight, right under my nose.

“Hey there, kiddo. Mind if I get a taste of your cherry?”

She whispers to me with alluring gestures, seductively licking her lips. Her fingers run over my trousers as the scent of sex and pheromones waft over from her soft skin, and my rationality slowly fades—

By evening, I’m already panting beneath her like a madman, the pleasures of ultimate submission gradually awakening in my mind…


Protagonist (Nameable)

He is a new employee in his second year in the workforce as a member of the sales department of a company that handles a wide range of products from web design to product design.

He was full of motivation when he first joined the company, but now there is no sign of that. He is criticized by his boss and has a huge gap between himself and Mami, who is one year his junior. He has already dropped out of the career path, and he goes to work in a lethargic state.

Naturally, he has no girlfriend. The only thing he looks forward to is the act of sexual gratification before bedtime. Because of this agonizing life, he has chosen twisted paths when it comes to his sexuality.

Recently, he came to the realization he might be a total masochist. Since then, he’s been looking for pornography and erotic works of that kind and expanding his knowledge.

He has experienced only one woman so far. It was a so-called “Fro”, and it was a traumatic experience for him because it was the worst experience he had ever had. Moreover, he was practically a virgin because he had only foreplay.

After that, his interest in the sex industry decreased, and he became inclined towards the medicinal act of eye comfort.
(This event was a chance for him to realize his sexuality……)

Height: 169 cm / 5.5 ft
Bust-Waist-Hips: 108-68-105cm / 42-26-41 ft
Cup Size: K cup
Birthday: December 24th
Likes: Liquor drinks & masochist men

A slightly older coworker who’s the shining star of not only the sales department but the entire company. Carries an air of confident detachment but consistently delivers outstanding results.

While the protagonist struggles to establish himself, Mami has already emerged as a strong contender for the next sales chief position. Unbeknownst to the main character, she has developed a fondness for him ever since he joined the company just over a year ago. Teasingly refers to him as “the kid” or “kiddo.”

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If you’re into femdom, you can buy this on Steam or get the adult version on Johren!

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