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Hey everyone! It's been a bit since my last review, but today we're coming back with a major splash: Kuroinu 2 Redux.

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A girls-only school forces Minato’s new life as a girl to begin. From there, moege hijinks begin while the girls are overpowered by our progatonist's femininity.

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With the release of UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~ (UsoNatsu) right around the corner, the everlasting longing for its English release date won’t cease. Just recently, UsoNatsu…

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The search for a special star...

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Disclaimer: A pre-release review code has been delivered by the publisher Spike Chunsoft to the reviewer via email contact. Thanks for all the trusted support! ANONYMOUS;CODE is a love letter…

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Imagine if, instead of being filled with fat dudes who smell really bad, your school’s manga club was filled with two super-hot girls (and a bunch of fat dudes). That’s…

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As a human, what do you desire most? Wealth? Power? The ability to impregnate any girl in an entire town because of lowering birth rates? Or maybe even to rule…