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Sono Hana – Beloved Photograph


Release Date:
Jun 06, 2008

Age Rating:

Comedy, Drama, Romance


Game Summary: “A love comedy with 2 very sexy and loving lesbians living together. Kaede and Sara are the school’s official couple. The girls are living together and all over each other at home and at school.

“This is the daily life of Sara and her lover living together, totally addicted to being all over each other all the time.  Just like every other day, they’re sharing sweet and passionate kisses. Please make sure you give them lots of love.”

Note 1: This is a nukige 「抜きゲー」, it has a higher sexual content to story ratio. Fuwanovel does not usually include nukige games on the site, but this series was granted an exception early on for reasons long-lost to history. (“I’d take it off, but I think Zaka would kill me.” – Tay)

Note 2: The entire SonoHana series, for reviews aggregation purposes, is lumped together into a single category. Thus the review section you see below will include reviews from all entries in the series.

Attribution: DLsite


How to Get this Game

18+ Version:

  • Fan patch taken down due to talks with MangaGamer
  • Windows (Japanese Ver): DLsite



Technical Support FAQ *is NOT* Available

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