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Nitroplus & 5pb.

Release Date:
Apr 25, 2008

Age Rating:
All Ages

All-Ages, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

Romance Options:

Original Language:

Estimated Total Length:
15-20 hours


Game Summary: The game is set in 2009 in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, where Takumi lives in a cargo crate on top of an apartment building. He discusses the recent series of “New Generation Madness” (“New Gen”) murders in Shibuya with his online friend Grim, when a person with the username “Shogun” sends Takumi image files depicting a man pinned to a wall with stakes. Later, Takumi witnesses a pink-haired girl committing the murder portrayed in Shogun’s image files; he leaves the murder scene in fear. A few days later, the girl, whose name is Rimi Sakihata, sits next to Takumi in school; he thinks she will kill him, but learns that they supposedly have been friends for a year.

Convinced that Shogun is targeting him, he tries to distance himself from having witnessed the murder scene and avoid getting involved in New Gen, which draws the attention of the police. Between him being suspected, more New Gen murders occurring, and Shogun supposedly targeting him, Takumi finds himself experiencing hallucinations and paranoia, and is unsure of what is real and who he can trust.

Attribution: Wikipedia


Technical Support FAQ *is* Available
All-Ages Version: 
  • Windows patch taken offline when J-List began negotiating for the game (TLWiki)

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