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Rance VI

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Alice Soft

Release Date:
Aug 27, 2004

Age Rating:

Action, Gameplay, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Romance Options:
M > F

Original Language:

Estimated Total Length:
40+ hours


Game Summary: Some time later (after the events of Rance 5D), Rance has once again spent all of his mone and taken a job in the magical Kingdom of Zenth with Sill. In Zeth, however, mages are considered superior and non-mages are treated as 2nd class citizens, sparking events that lead to Rance’s confinement.

And so, under the pretense of liberating the public, Rance’s adventure full of punishing evil mages, making a harem from his female allies, and having tons of sex begins…

Rance Vi is a first person 3D dungeon crawler RPG, featuring over thirty distinct dungeons full of different monsters to face and events to trigger.


Attribution: MangaGamer


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Ages 18+ Version: 

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