Capture the Samurai’s Heart — Dateless Love out now!

Explore the Bakumatsu Era of the Edo Period and find your samurai love!

Garden of Seif by Foxdrift Studios Released

A new otomege about an assassin and her story of revenge. What kind of ending will you give her?

A horror… farm sim?! — A Heart of Butterblue now on Steam

Travel to Edgeville and uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Phebe's grandfather and the monsters that appear at night!

BUNNY BOND is now released on Itch and Steam!

The (spicy) boys are finally here!

Not all Stories have Happy Endings – Particles of Reality by Arewar Games released on Steam and

On September 19th indie developer Arewar Games released Particles of Reality on Steam and Development of Particles of Reality is funded via Patreon and a free demo can be…

Otomate Party 2023: The Full Roundup

6 NEW titles, and 2 updates! Will they catch your eye?

A (Yandere) Mystery is afoot! – Kickstarter for Heart Cage launched!

A yandere mystery thriller... what more could you ask for?

Shuuen no Virche -EpiC:lycoris- released in Japan

A new otomege fandisc, unfortunately JP-only (for now!)

Norn9: Last Era Releases in English TODAY!

A long-awaited fandisc for Norn9!