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Manage (and date?) a Boys’ Band! — Replay Boys now out

This October 25th, Split Narrative released their debut visual novel REPLAY BOYS on Steam ($9.99.) You can also play their demo first!

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REPLAY BOYS is a VN with multiple endings including both romantic and platonic routes. It features wild characters, vivid CGs capturing moments of romance and chaos, and an exciting pace. The story follows Hannah, who has been roped into managing up-and-coming boy band The Replay Boys. Your decisions guide the outcome, choose carefully!

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Can You Manage?

You play as Hannah, video editor for up-and-coming boy band The Replay Boys. When their manager calls in sick right before The Replay Boys’ first big concert, Hannah is the only one who can fill in and save the day. Help the band through their arguments and uncover their fears and anxieties, while dealing with crazy fans, a cult, and time loops!


Dancer and chaotic womanizer with a huge ego and a knack for causing problems.


Producer and leader under a lot of stress. He might snap and do something unexpected.


Singer and a bit of a weirdo. He has a thing for conspiracy theories.


A recent addition to the group. Bubbly, sweet, and never picks a fight. Watch out for hͪ҉͈̣̗ǐ͐͆s̷̊ͅ ̆̔̍mͮ̊̔o̷̟ͩm̶ͥͧ,̎̾̑ ̆ͮ̚t̬ͮ͠hͣ͋̾o̸̿̐u͌̀̿g͇̽͝hͭ́͒.̎͏̠

If this piqued your interest, check it out on Steam!

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